Permanent Makeup

What is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent Makeup (PMU), also known as micro pigmentation or semi permanent makeup (SPMU), is a general term used to describe the process by which hypoallergenic pharmaceutical grade pigments are implanted under the skin using either a handheld tool or machine to achieve a makeup look which lasts for several years.

What is the difference between Semi Permanent and Permanent Makeup?
Though many artists like to market their work as semi permanent, there is no real difference between permanent and semi permanent makeup. They are both used interchangeably. The pigment in permanent makeup fades over time and only lasts a couple of years depending one the procedure and the method used, therefore artists like to market their work using the prefix "semi" to highlight this.

Why Permanent Makeup? 
Permanent makeup is designed to enhance your natural beauty. Every treatment is personal to you and based on your features, bone structure, eye shape, hair colour, skin tone and unique style. Whether you are looking for something soft and natural looking or something a bit more bold and defined; every treatment is completely customised and based around YOU.
Permanent makeup is suitable for anyone who is unhappy with their natural brows. It can enhance facial features, correct asymmetry and boost confidence. It is perfect for remedying over plucked brows, to replace missing hair or natural pigment that would normally fade as we age.

Which Treatment is right for me?

Method: Manual Hand Tool

Treatment Time: 2-3 hours

Great For: A natural look, mimics natural hair, suited for normal and dry skin types.

Not Good For: Oily, mature skin or sun damaged skin.

Last: 12-18 months

Method: Machine & Hand Tool

Treatment Time: 2-3 hours

Great For: Those who want more of a defined brow. 

Not Good For: Oily skin, mature skin due to hair strokes involved.

Lasts: 1-3 years

Method: Machine

Treatment Time: 2 -3hours

Great For: Those who like a defined brow, soft or defined makeup look. Good for all skin types.

Lasts For: 2-3 years