Lip Blush

What is Lip Blush?

Get that naturally perfect look all day, everyday with a signature lip blush treatment. Lip Blush is a semi permanent makeup technique that gives you a gentle flush of lip colour using high quality pigments that complement and enhance your  natural skin tone. 

Lip blush will not only enhance the colour of your natural lips, but make the lips look fuller and more defined and symmetrical. It's perfect for clients with lip filler and those who may have lost colour around the lip borders due to scarring and/or hypo pigmentation.

Lip blush is also great to correct darker tones found in the lips. Lip Neutralisation is a specialised form of lip blush for those with cool or darker lip tones where bright warm tones are used to lift the dark colour from the lips to create a natural warm pink colour. Please note more sessions may be needed with Lip Neutralisation depending on the desired outcome.

  • Customised Colour that lasts 2-5years
  • Creates fuller looking lips without fillers
  • Restores colour to pale and ageing lips
  • Neutralises dark pigmentation to correct lip colour
  • Adds symmetry and definition to the lips
  • Restores lost lip borders due to scarring or hypo pigmentation
  • Gloss and Go effect