Microblading is a form of permanent makeup that imitates natural hair strokes and creates a very natural and long lasting brow. Crisp fine hair stokes are created using a manual handheld tool that deposit pigment into the skin.

Results are subtle and natural. The more hair you have the more natural it will appear as it will blend in with your natural hair.

Though microblading is a very popular treatment, it is only suitable for a small amount of people. Microblading is best suited on young, healthy, normal to dry skin types. It is not suitable for those with oily, mature or sun damaged skin types as hair strokes may fade or blur into each other.

Blade & Shade is a mixture of microblading and machine shading. Unlike combination brows, shading is focused on specific areas to create 3D hair strokes. It’s a great option for those that would like the natural crisp hair strokes created with microblading but need a little extra fullness or fluff which may be missing from the natural brow.

Touch ups are required yearly to maintain the colour and keep shape crisp.

  • Looks like real hair strokes
  • The most natural looking form of permanent makeup
  • Best for people with dry and normal skin with small pores
  • This is perfect for those who want just a base for an everyday look with the option to enhance the brows with makeup